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TheWebPixies' Health and Fitness Links
Health and Fitness is really a way of saying the unspeakable word, DIET. Many, many people thoughout the United States make New Year's resolutions year after year, with varying degrees of success. TheWebPixies degree of success has often, although not always, been quite low.
It's the consequences that are the worst part of these poorly kept resolutions. Each time TheWebPixies successfully meet sensible "health and fitness" goals, inevitably, it seems, the degree of fitness diminishes over time. It may take a long time or the time maybe very short, but the result has unfortunately been the same. Not only does the "fitness" diminish to where it had started, but it's usually worse than before each and every time.
All of this has led TheWebPixies to consider the word, diet, unspeakable. It turns out, though, that "fitness" tends to wane with or without a disciplined diet. It seems that the only thing that might change the tide is to make the discipline itself the goal. That could sound like quite a daunting task, but it need not be. We can pick the process apart so that, with any luck, the discipline seems like a natural thing.
There are resources on the internet that help make discipline seem like a worthwhile goal. Most of them, such as .....
Just click here for links to several sites that TheWebPixies visit for more about health and "fitness."
Fitness Online used to be called That is where TheWebPixies first became acquainted with the free services they offer.
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